This Is Actually Tibetan Buddhism, But The Dalai Lama Explains The Main Tenets Well

I am also a Buddhist as well as many other things, and although this explanation is particular to Tibetan Buddhist chant and prayer (I am a believer in the Nichiren sect of Buddhism), The Dalai Lama explains the main precepts of Buddhism quite well. So, I thought I would post it for anyone interested in Buddhism, in general. Buddhism is very peaceful and, for me, calming.

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  1. I’m Dzogchen, which is Tibetan, and chant Om Mani Padme Hung at least once a day. It’s made a huge difference in my life….for the better. Thank you for posting this.


    • i saw it on my Facebook page, and decided to have a look. I discovered Nichiren Buddhism is not so different as I thought. I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo twice per day. It has made such an unbelievable impact on my life.


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    Everyone needs a bit of Dalai Lama


  3. I can’t claim to understand all the information presented here, but it definitely gave me food for thought.


    • I am a practicing Nichiren Buddhist (a little different from Tibetan, but the general ideas are the same), and I can’t wrap my mind around half of the material that I study. i think it may be that even if you grew up with no religious affiliation, we are still of Western v. Eastern thought. At least, that is what my problem is :D



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