Being Lonely And Alone Sucks

…..enough said.

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  1. But there’s aloneness too, a good feeling, just happily getting on with things?


    • Sorry for the late response, I have been busy collecting names on a petition for a Children’s Court Judge nominee.

      I agree there is aloneness, too. It just takes getting used to it after having lived with someone for a number of years.

      I’ll feel better once they open the swimming pool in my complex. Then, I can go back to cycling in the morning, and swimming in the afternoon. Those are two activities where I do not mind being alone.

      And, yep, i am working on getting on with stuff, but there was a lot of abuse in this relationship so it is taking a while to process it :)


  2. This feels different from aloneness. That I am perfectly okay with. This is definitely lonlie



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